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Sister Act (complete show)

Score # Title Instrumental? Length Key Notes
1 Take Me To Heaven (nightclub)   2:39 Fm  Abrupt ending cut off by Curtis 
2 Fabulous Baby   3:30  Eb-D   
3 Chase # 1  1:10  ~ Safety (repeat) bars can be altered to suit 
3a The Perfect Place  0:32  Last note is cue for Nuns' acapella 
4 Here Within These Walls    4:13   
4a Meet The Nuns  0:14   
5 It's Good To Be A Nun    3:33  This replaces the song "How I Got The Calling" used in the original production 
5a We Never Leave The Convent  0:22   
6 When I Find My Baby    4:00   
6a Dive Bar  3:52  To be cut off on cue 
6b Bar Fight  0:34   
7 I Could Be That Guy    4:39  Db   
7a Here Within These Walls reprise    0:36   
8 Raise Your Voice    6:14   
9i Take Me To Heaven (nun choir)    1:21  Hymn section 
9ii Take Me To Heaven (nun choir)    4:28  Fm  Main song (after dialogue) 
10 Entr'acte  0:33   
11 Sunday Morning Fever    6:42  Dm Safety (repeat) bars can be altered to suit 
11a Sunday Morning playoff  0:10   
11b Take Me To Heaven newscast    0:55  To be cut off on cue
12 Lady In The Long Black Dress    4:00  Eb  Safety (repeat) bars can be altered to suit  
12a After Lady    0:16  Ab  
13 I Haven't Got A Prayer    3:56   
13a I Haven't Got A Prayer tag  0:24   
14 Bless Our Show    3:06   
14a Benedicta-ta For Now    0:40  Ab  Split into 2 tracks to allow for acapella section 
15 The Life I Never Led    4:31  Split into 2 tracks to allow for dialogue 
15a The Life I Never Led tag  Y 0:26   
16 Fabulous Baby reprise    4:19   
17 Sister Act    3:03  Bb   
18 When I Find My Baby reprise    1:29  Key refers to sung section 
19 The Life I Never Led reprise    6:27  19 - 21 are as one track 
20 Chase # 2         
21 Sister Act reprise      Bb   
21a Eddie Gets The Girl  0:35   
22 Spread The Love Around    4:53   
23 Bows  3:23  23 - 24 are as one track 
24 Raise Your Voice (company)       
25 Exit Music  1:06   
2 Fabulous Baby (Eb to E)   3:30  Eb  Modulates UP rather than DOWN for the keychange 
2 Fabulous Baby (E to Eb)    3:30   
4 Here Within These Walls (Ab)    4:13  Ab   
12 Lady In The Long Black Dress (E)    4:00   
13 I Haven't Got A Prayer (F)    3:56   
17 Sister Act (B)    3:03   
  BONUS TRACKS        
~ How I Got The Calling   5:24  Only used in the original London production (later replaced with "It's Good To Be A Nun") 
~ Do The Sacred Mass   2:45  Only used in the original London production (cut from later productions) 

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Product type: MP3 backing track

Genres: Stage & Screen

Instrumentation: Pit orchestra

Notes: Download our expertly crafted backing tracks for Sister Act, the musical based on the 1992 comedy film of the same name. This marvellous film stars Whoopi Goldberg as a lounge singer forced to join a convent after being placed in witness protection.

This complete show set features over 45 tracks from the stage score including all incidental numbers such as scene changes, underscores and playoffs. In addition, bonus tracks Do The Sacred Mass and How I Got The Calling are included, which were cut from later productions.

Some, but not all, of the tracks are available for individual purchase in our catalogue, presented in the original MTI stage score keys. If you require changes to these original keys, please email before purchase for further advice. A full additional set of tracks are provided with melody guides at no extra charge.


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