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Sheet music


Send us your sheet music by using the form below or e-mail us and we will transpose it into a suitable key. If you already have digital sheet music but it's in the wrong key for you, we can transpose it into your desired key.

Transpositions Price
Up to 4 pages £50.00
Each subsequent page £15.00


Piano / Vocal Transcriptions

We can produce piano/vocal sheet music from your audio recording by accurately transcribing each note of the recording. We can even produce the new sheet music in any key to suit. The cost for this service is based on track length.

We can even reduce complete orchestral recordings to piano. Send us a copy of the recording you would like the sheet music to be based on by using the form below or e-mail us.

Piano / Vocal Transcription Price
Up to 3'00" £75.00
Each subsequent minute £25.00

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