10% Discount on orders of five or more catalogue tracks

Most Tracks in Any Key

Ever struggled finding a track in the right key for your vocal range? Our tracks are different, because most are available or can be produced in any key to suit. 

How we produce a track in a different key

We re-record the track from scratch in each key to order to keep the integrity of the audio quality. We never use artificial pitch-shifting software which leads to audio artifacts and general degradation of the sound quality.

Key changes are free

If you find you've ordered the wrong key, you can simply order the track in another key later - free of charge. We understand the importance of getting this right, so you can do this as many times as you require, without any additional fee. A few of our tracks are only available in a selection of keys - this is clearly marked in the Key Information table which shows the availability of different keys for that particular track.

Original keys

On any of our tracks, the original key is listed in the Key Information table. This refers to the key of original recording or score that the track is based on. So if you require the track lower than the original key, simply choose a key further UP the table. If you require a track higher than the original key, then choose a key further DOWN in the table.

And of course, if this information is gobbledygook to you, you can always e-mail us for advice!