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Into The Woods (complete show)


Score #

Title Length Instrumental? Key Notes
1-9 Act One Opening (parts 1-9)  13:28   G  
10 Cinderella At The Grave  1:46     
11  Hello Little Girl  3:15     
11a Hello Little Girl (alt 2 Wolf version) 3:29     
12  Underscore after Hello Little Girl 1:09    Gb   
13 / 14  I Guess This Is Goodbye / Maybe They're Magic  1:57    13 & 14 as one track
15  Rapunzel  1:26     
15a  Our Little World (alternate to 'Rapunzel')  3:55    Timings as London Cast recording
16  Baker's Reprise  0:35     
17  Grandmother's House part 1  0:37  yes   17 is split into two for dialogue
  Grandmother's House part 2  0:06  yes    part 2 is played as Baker rips Wolf's stomach open 
18  I Know Things Now 1:48    Timings as London Cast recording
19  Jack's Mother  0:23  yes     
20  Cinderella Coming To The Ball part 1  0:21  yes    20 is split in two for dialogue after Cinderella falls
  Cinderella Coming To The Ball part 2 0:30  yes    20 (part 2) - 23 available as one track
21 A Very Nice Prince  1:17   Db   
22  First Midnight  1:24    Eb   
23  Giants In The Sky  2:17    Ab  Timings as London Cast recording
24  Fanfares part 1  0:12 yes    Bell tree for Rapunzel singing
  Fanfares part 2  0:08  yes    Witch's spells on Baker & Wife 
  Fanfares part 3  0:10  yes    Princes' entrances 
25  Agony  2:48    Timings as London Cast recording 
26  Jack Jack / Rapunel part 1  0:12  yes    Jack's Mother's entrance 
  Jack Jack / Rapunel part 2 0:17  yes    Baker / Mysterious Man 
  Jack Jack / Rapunel part 3   0:11  yes    Witch's spells on Mysterious Man 
  Jack Jack / Rapunel part 4   0:14  yes    Rapunzel singing 
  Jack Jack / Rapunel part 5   0:08  yes    Rapunzel lets down hair 
27 A Very Nice Prince (reprise) intro 0:17  yes    27 is split into 2 to allow for dialogue after intro 
  A Very Nice Prince (reprise)  1:16     
28  It Takes Two 2:36    Bb Timings as London Cast recording
29  Cow Death  0:44 yes     
30 Second Midnight  0:48   Eb  This number is spoken rather than sung
31  Stay With Me 3:39    Eb  Key listed refers to the chorus key
32  Underscore part 1  0:13  yes    Mysterious Man, Jack & Riding Hood entrance
  Underscore part 2  0:15  yes    Jack's exit 
33  On The Steps Of The Palace  2:34    Timings as London Cast recording 
33a  On The Steps Of The Palace (alt. ending)  2:48    Alt end featuring Riding Hood and Jack 
34 Underscore part 1  0:04  yes    Baker's Wife / Cinderella with bean 
  Underscore part 2  0:08  yes    Witch's appearance 
  Underscore part 3  0:03  yes    Witch's spell 
  Underscore part 4  0:25  yes    Jack's harp, etc. 
35  The Potion  2:46  yes   Safety bars can be altered to suit 
36-39  Act One Finale (parts 1-4)  6:37     
40-41  Act Two Opening parts 1-2 2:56   G  
42  Act Two Opening part 3a  1:00      Split into 2 to allow for dialogue after rap section
  Act Two Opening part 3b  0:10 yes     
43-48  Act Two Opening parts 4-9  3:39      2 bar intro created for part 9 to cue vocals 
49  Fanfare  0:11 yes     
50  Agony Reprise  2:29    
51  After Agony reprise part 1  0:36  yes    Upto Witch's entrance
  After Agony reprise part 2  0:11  yes    Witch's entrance 
  After Agony reprise part 3  0:28  yes    Giant footsteps 
52  Underscore  0:52  yes     
53  Cues part 1  0:23  yes    Narrator drop 
  Cues part 2  0:02  yes    Jack's Mother hit 
  Cues part 3  0:17  yes    Giant footsteps 
54  Witch's Lament 2:10    Key refers to chorus key. *Note that London Cast transposed this up to C
55  100 Paces part 1  0:24  yes   Vamp under dialogue (cut off on cue) 
  100 Paces part 2  0:20  yes    Scene change for Baker's Wife exit 
56  Any Moment part 1a 0:30      Upto 1st kiss and dialogue 
  Any Moment part 1b  0:56    Eb  After dialogue 
57  Any Moment part 2a 0:22   Eb  Upto end of kiss (cut off on cue)
  Any Moment part 2b  0:46      Song after dialogue
58  Moments In The Woods 3:36   Eb Includes playoff and giant steps section
59  Underscore 0:34  yes     
60-61  Your Fault / Last Midnight 4:41    Ab  Timings as London Cast recording
62  Arms Of A Princess  0:26  yes    Timings as London Cast recording
63  No More  4:07    Bb  Timings as London Cast recording
64  After Plan  0:21  yes     
65  No One Is Alone part 1  1:37    Db 

Timings as London Cast recording for sung section. Extra 2 bar intro added before vocals enter

66 No One Is Alone part 2a 2:54     Timings as London Cast recording (with giant steps playoff)
67-71 Attack Of The Birds / Act Two Finale parts 1-4 6:53   Eb  
72 Bows & Exit 2:49 yes    

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Genres: Stage & Screen

Instrumentation: Pit orchestra

Notes: Download the full set of Into The Woods backing tracks, for one of of Stephen Sondheim’s most popular musicals with an enduring appeal thanks to its clever intertwining and exploration of classic fairy tales.

This complete set features over 70 tracks including all instrumentals (such as scene changes, underscores and playoffs) and popular numbers Any Moment, No One Is Alone and Agony.

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