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Hair (complete show)

Score # Title Length Instrumental? Key Notes
1 Aquarius 2:37   Bbm Does not include pre-show music

Donna / Hashish

3:03   Eb  
4 Sodomy 0:47   G  
5 Colored Spade 1:22   G  
6 Manchester, England 1:14   A  
7-9 I'm Black / Ain't Got No / Dead End 2:38   Em  
10 I Believe In Love 1:07   Ab  
11-12 Ain't Got No Grass / Air 3:13   Em Includes intro "Chant" section
13-14 Initials / Kama Sutra 1:20   C "Kama Sutra" section is based on the 2009 New B'way recording which is different to the score version
15 1930s 0:44   C To be cut off on cue
16 Manchester II 0:24   A  
17 I Got Life 3:04   F  
18 Going Down 2:08   C Split into 3 tracks to allow for dialogue breaks
19 Freak Out 0:13 Y ~  
20 Hair 3:17   Cm  
21 My Conviction 1:22   C  
22 Sheila Franklin 0:12   G  
23 Easy To Be Hard 3:06   F 2009 New B'way recording key is Gb major - version also provided
24 Hung Up 0:17   F Safety bars can be altered to fit if required
25 Don't Put It Down 1:46   Ab  
26 Frank Mills 2:02   A  
27 Be In 5:15   Gm 2009 New B'way recording omits chanting sections - version also provided
28 Where Do I Go 3:07   C 2009 New B'way recording key is D major - version also provided
29 Electric Blues 2:47   A  
30-31 Oh Great God Of Power / Manchester III 1:38   Em Tracks can be split if required
32 Black Boys 1:31   B  
33 White Boys 2:36   F 2009 New B'way recording omits the 3 repeats of the last 4 bars - version also provided
34 Walking In Space 4:37   C  
35 General Washington 0:20 Y ~  
36 Indian Music 0:11 Y ~  
37 Minuet 0:31 Y ~  
38 African Drums 0:11 Y ~  
39 Abie, Baby 1:31   C  
40-41 The War 3:47   Em  
42 Three-Five-Zero-Zero 3:01   Em  
43-44 What A Piece Of Work Is Man / How Dare They Try 2:30   C  
45 Good Morning Sunshine 2:31   F  
46-47 The Bed / Ain't Got No reprise 3:44   G To be cut off on cue
48-49 The Flesh Failures / Eyes Look Your Last 4:03   Bm  
50 Hippie Life 2:07   Cm  
51 Exit Music 2:15 Y ~  

Product type: MP3 backing track

Genres: Stage & Screen

Instrumentation: Pit orchestra

Notes: Browse our expertly crafted backing tracks for Hair, the hippie counterculture stage show often credited with defining the “rock musical” genre.

This complete show set from Hair features over 40 tracks from the stage score including all incidental numbers such as scene changes, underscores and playoffs as well popular numbers Aquarius, Let The Sunshine In and Good Morning, Starshine.

Some, but not all, of the tracks are available for individual purchase in our catalogue, presented in the original (Tams-Witmark 1995) stage score keys and 2009 Broadway cast recording tempos.

If you require changes to these original keys, please email before purchase for further advice. A full additional set of tracks are provided with melody guides at no extra charge.


Tracks are made available to download in 320bit MP3 format. You will receive download instructions in your order confirmation e-mail.

Download links will be available in Your Account - Purchased Downloads, which will also show you the status of any keys awaiting production that you have ordered.

If you find the key you have ordered is unsuitable, just e-mail us and we can change it for you free of charge. This service is available on the majority of titles, except those where the keys are shown as not available on the product detail page.


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You can order a CD copy of your order once you reach the checkout. All individual tracks on the order will be produced onto a single CD where possible. Once you have downloaded and confirmed to us that you are happy with the keys you have selected, your CD will be produced. 


You can order a CD copy of your order once you reach the checkout. CD copies of Complete Shows will only be produced in the original keys. 


CDs are produced individually to order and dispatched from mainland Europe. Please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

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