Fame (complete show)


Product typeMP3 backing track

Composer LevyMargoshes

From Fame

Based on MTI Stage score (original 2002 version)

Length 1:10:12

Latest version July 19th, 2010


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Format: As per stage score

Notes: Download our expertly crafted complete set of backing tracks for Fame, the musical based upon the 1980 film of the same name. Our tracks follow the original 2002 MTI score. Please check the track listing to make sure this is the version you require.

This complete show set features nearly 50 tracks from the stage score including all incidental numbers such as scene changes, underscores and playoffs as well popular numbers Dancin’ On The Sidewalk, Hard Work and Let’s Play A Love Scene.

Some, but not all, of the tracks are available for individual purchase in our catalogue, presented in the original 2002 MTI stage score keys. If you require changes to these original keys, please email before purchase for further advice. A full additional set of tracks are provided with melody guides at no extra charge.

More Information
Genres Stage & Screen
Date track originally produced 19 Jul 2010
From Fame
Based on MTI Stage score (original 2002 version)
Composer Levy, Margoshes
Length 1:10:12
Product type MP3 backing track
Score # Title Length Instrumental? Key Notes
1 Hard Work 10:28   E  
1a Hard Work playoff 0:47 yes    
1b Locker Tag #1 0:12 yes    
1c Locker Tag #2 0:12 yes    
1d Practice Room 1:48 yes    
2 I Want To Make Magic 2:25   G  
3 Can't Keep It Down 3:44   Bb  
3a Intro to Dance Class 0:29 yes    
4 Dance Class 2:43 yes    
4a Rock n Roll 1:05 yes    
4b Music Room 0:47 yes    
4c Rock n Roll 1:05 yes    
4d Romeo & Juliet Ballet 1:04 yes    
5 Tyrone's Rap 1:21   Gm spoken
5a The Lunch Room 1:24 yes    
6 There She Goes / Fame 4:32   Dm  
6a Fame playoff 0:17 yes    
7 Let's Play A Love Scene 3:53   B  
8 Bring On Tomorrow 1:40   F In 3 parts to allow for dialogue
8a After Tomorrow 0:14 yes    
8b Magic scene change 0:35 yes    
9 The Teachers' Argument 4:14   Dm  
10 Hard Work reprise 1:34   E  
11 The Junior Festival 6:26 yes    
11a Only Time Will Tell 0:11 yes    
11b Practice Room 1:48 yes    
11c Locker Tag #3 0:12 yes    
12 Think Of Meryl Streep 3:10   D  
12a Locker Tag #4 0:19 yes    
13 Mabel's Prayer 1:31   G  
13a Scene change 0:19 yes    
13b The Kiss-Off 0:25 yes    
13c Tyrone's Rap reprise 1:30   Gm spoken
14 Dancin' On The Sidewalk 5:10   G  
15 These Are My Children 4:45   F  
15a Fanfare & Flute 0:47 yes    
15b Pavane 1 0:36 yes    
15c Pavane 2 0:44 yes    
15d Fanfare & Funk 0:28 yes    
16 Pas de Deux 2:05 yes    
16 Pas de Deux (alternate) 2:59 yes    
16a Carmen's Return 0:39 yes    
17 In L.A. 5:27   Gm  
17a The Prom 0:14 yes    
17b After The Prom 0:43 yes    
18 Let's Play A Love Scene reprise 2:11   Db  
19 Bring On Tomorrow reprise (Finale) 4:53   F  
20a Bows 3:35   C  
20b Exit 1:11 yes    

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