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Copacabana (complete show)

Score # Title Length Instrumental? Key Notes
1-2 Overture / Copa Opening 5:40    Gm  Uses extended Copa Opening as per OCR 
1-2 Overture / Copa Opening  4:21   Gm Uses shorter Copa Opening as per score 
2a  Copa Piano Sting 1  0:09    Gm   
  Copa Piano Sting 2  0:09    Gm   
  Copa Piano Sting 3 0:09    Gm  
3 Just Arrived  4:44    Ab   
Dancing Fool  4:00    Cm   
4a  Dancing Fool playoff  0:16  yes     
Cocktail Underscore  5:34  yes    Can be shortened to suit on request
Sweet Heaven  3:06    Eb   
6a  Sweet Heaven playoff  0:20  yes     
Busy Music 1 0:20  yes     
7a  Thank You Song  0:22    Db   
Busy Music 2  0:12  yes     
8a  Lola Audition 1  0:24    Gm   
Busy Music 3  0:14  yes     
9a  Hoover Commercial  0:20    Bb 

This is acapella (vocal cue version also provided) 

10 Busy Music 4  0:13  yes     
10a  Lola Audition 2  0:24    Gm   
10b  Changing My Tune 1  0:32     
10c  Changing My Tune 2  0:26    Bb  (split into 2 tracks to allow for dialogue break) 
10d Lola Audition 3  0:11    Gm   
11  Changing My Tune 3  1:20     
11a  Publisher Sleeps  0:40  yes     
12  Copa Girl  4:09    (split into 3 tracks to allow for dialogue breaks) 
12a  Copa Girl playoff  0:45  yes     
12b  Lola Audition 4  0:24    Gm   
13  Man Wanted  2:17    F#m   
14  Who Needs To Dream  4:43    Acapella section in verse is doubled on piano 
15-16 Rico's Entrance - I Gotta Be Bad  5:04    Gm / C   
16a  Bad playoff  0:15  yes     
16b  Night On The Town  2:33    Bb  This is the optional replacement for #16 
17  Dream Foxtrot  3:00  yes     
18 Drunk Scene  4:50    (split into 2 tracks to allow for dialogue before sung section) 
19  Bolero de Amor  5:17     
20  Act One Finale  0:17  yes     
21  Bolero Ent'racte  3:26  yes     
22 Havana / Caramba  3:37    These were originally 2 separate numbers in the original cast recording. 
23  Kidding preview  1:15    Dm  (split into 3 tracks to allow for dialogue breaks) 
24  Who Am I Kidding  3:41    Fm  A 2 bar intro has been added to cue in the vocal 
24a  Kidding reprise  1:00    Bb   
25  Spanish Underscore  0:20  yes     
26  This Can't Be Real  6:57     
27  El Bravo fanfare  0:25    
27a  El Bravo Sting 1  0:08    A  
27b El Bravo Sting 2  0:08     
28  El Bravo  3:16    Dm   
29  Real link  0:19  yes     
30 Sweet Heaven 2  3:00    Eb   
31  Playoff / Real reprise  1:31    Ab   
32  Montage  0:42      Timings can be altered if required 
32a  Copa Piano mime  0:11  yes    
33  Finale Act Two 0:58    Ab  (split into 2 tracks to allow for dialogue break) 
34-35  Bows / Copacabana  5:15    Gm   
36  Exit Music  3:20  yes     
BONUS TRACK  Ay Caramba  3:09    Gm  Original cast recording version (does not appear in stage score) 
BONUS TRACK Welcome To Havana  3:45    Original cast recording version (does not appear in stage score) 

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Product type: MP3 backing track

Genres: Stage & Screen

Instrumentation: Pit orchestra

Notes: This is a complete set of backing tracks for Copacabana, the musical adapted from the huge Barry Manilow song of the same name.

This set features over 50 tracks including all instrumentals (such as scene changes, underscores and playoffs) and popular numbers Who Needs To Dream, Welcome to Havana and of course, Copacabana.

Some of the tracks are available for individual purchase in our catalogue, presented in the original MTI stage score keys. If you require changes to these original keys, please email before purchase for further advice. A full additional set of tracks are provided with melody guides at no extra charge.


Tracks are made available to download in 320bit MP3 format. You will receive download instructions in your order confirmation e-mail.

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