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Bespoke backing tracks

If you can't find the backing track you require, we can produce it for you. Our custom backing tracks are carefully tailored to your requirements. We specialise in producing those hard-to-find tracks in almost any non-pop genre.

This information relates to bespoke backing tracks that are not yet available in our catalogue.

All new tracks are tailored to your requirements.

If the backing track you require is not listed, please send us details by using the form below or e-mail us to discuss your requirements. Prices are based on the length of the track:

Track length Price
Up to 3'00" £175.00
3'01" - 4'00" £225.00
4'01" - 5'00" £275.00
5'01" - 6'00" £325.00
6'01" - 7'00" £375.00

Custom backing tracks can be downloaded as high-quality MP3 files.

The software we use to create backing tracks is Cubase and we only use the best quality sampled instruments to produce any type of track from solo piano right up to full orchestral arrangements. 

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