Anastasia (complete show)



Product typeMP3 backing track

Composer AhrensFlaherty

From Anastasia

Based on Concord Theatricals stage score

Length 103:53

Latest version September 23rd, 2021


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Notes: Download our professional backing tracks for the modern musical Anastasia featuring music and lyrics by Ahrens and Flaherty. Based on the 1997 film, the musical opened on Broadway in 2017, with many other productions to follow worldwide.

This is the complete set of backing tracks for the show, comprising over 35 tracks, all instrumentals such as scene changes, underscores and playoffs and popular numbers Journey To The Past, Learn To Do It and Once Upon A December.

Our tracks follow the Concord Theatricals stage score, and the original Broadway cast recording for tempo where relevant.

A full additional set of tracks are provided with melody guides at no extra charge.

Can we use your Complete Show tracks for rehearsals and performances?

Our Complete Show tracks are intended solely for rehearsal purposes. We do not grant, nor imply, a performance licence with the purchase of our Complete Show tracks. Customers must always obtain a separate performance licence from the relevant rights holders. Our Complete Show backing tracks are particularly valuable for amateur groups who lack the budget for, or access to, a rehearsal pianist.

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Genres Default Category, Stage & Screen, Main Catalog, Ahrens & Flaherty
Date track originally produced 23 Sept 2021
From Anastasia
Based on Concord Theatricals stage score
Composer Ahrens, Flaherty
Instrumentation Pit Orchestra
Ideal For... Ensemble
Length 103:53
Product type MP3 backing track


Score# Title Instrumental? Length Key Notes
1/2/3 Opening Fanfare / Opening Scene / Prologue: Once Upon A December / The Last Dance Of The Romanovs   7:54 Am 1, 2 and 3 are as one track. Keys listed refer to start of #2
4 A Rumor In St Petersburg   6:29 Cm  
4A Underscore after A Rumor In St Petersburg Y 0:21 ~  
5 In My Dreams   3:31 Ebm  
5A/5B After My Dreams (underscore) / The Rumors Never End   1:58 Bbm 5A and 5B as one track. 
6 Learn To Do It   5:21 F#  
6B Learn To Do it reprise   1:10 F#  
7 The Neva Flows   2:52 Dm  
7A/8 Scene & Transition after The Neva Flows / The Neva Flows reprise   2:11 G 7A and 8 as one track. Safety bars can be altered if necessary
9 My Petersburg   2:30 C  
10 Once Upon A December (ensemble)   3:04 Bm  
10A A Secret She Kept   0:50 Cm  
10B Vlad underscore / Transition to Train Station Y 1:07 ~  
11 Stay I Pray You   3:24 Ebm Solo cello has been added under the acapella verse
12 We'll Go From There   4:25 Bb Key listed refers to start of vocal section
12A/13 Jump / Travelling Sequence   1:40 Cm 12A and Travelling Sequence section of 13 are as one track
13 Still   2:54 Bbm  
14 Journey To The Past   3:49 C Key listed refers to start of vocal section
15 Paris Holds The Key   3:12 Gb Key listed refers to start of vocal section
16 Paris Holds The Key reprise   1:17 Eb Key listed refers to start of vocal section
17 Close The Door   2:28 Gm  
17A/18 Underscore before Land Of Yesterday Y 2:21 ~ 17A and underscore opening of 18 as one track. Starts with playoff of #17. To be cut off on cue.
18 Land Of Yesterday   3:59 Gm Starts at vocal entrance. Preceding underscore is on previous track
19 The Countess And The Common Man   4:11 G Key listed refers to start of vocal section
19A/20 Reprises: The Countess / Land Of Yesterday / A Nightmare   2:34 Bb 19A and 20 as one track
21 In A Crowd Of Thousands   3:43 E  
22/23 Arriving At The Ballet / Meant To be / Quartet At The Ballet   6:19 Bb 22 and 23 as one track
24 Everything To Win   2:47 F  
24A Transition to Hotel Room Y 0:14 ~  
24B Anya / Hotel underscore Y 0:28 ~ To be cut off on cue
24C Once Upon A December reprise   1:20 Am  
25 The Press Conference   2:35 Am  
25A Everything To Win reprise   1:29 D  
26 Still / The Neva Flows reprise   2:18 Dm Split into 3 tracks to allow for dialogue breaks
27 Finale   3:34 F Starts with last section of #26. Key listed refers to start of vocal section
28 Bows Y 1:53 ~  
29 Exit music Y 1:21 ~  


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